Premium 270 + 180 Degree Awnings for 4x4 Vehicles

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Australian Made 4x4 Awnings

We are Australian Made accredited - all our products are built in Australia for Australian conditions.

Check out our range of 180 degree awnings

Perfect for utes with tub canopies and 4WDs with tall tailgates.

Our Awnings

Check out our range of 270 degree and 180 degree awnings, as well as our awning accessories. The information contained within these categories should provide the answers to most of your questions, however, we also have our frequently asked questions page too.

What’s Unique About CleverShade Awnings?

Original 180 and 270 awning designers

Since launching CleverShade in 1993 we have continually developed the product to ensure that we stay at the forefront of the market, built for Australian conditions with an elegant aesthetic.

Lightest 270 awning available

We have designed the product with weight minimisation in mind. Our awnings weigh on average an incredible 15kg.


No poles, no ropes, no pegs. Our awnings setup and pack up as a freestanding unit. 30 seconds is all it takes!

Strong wind resistance

Our awnings on average hold a 40km/h wind rating, meaning you can set up at the beach with peace of mind.

European sourced, marine grade material

Our fabric is 100% Solution Dyed Acrylic. Specially sourced from Austria, years of independent research have proven that this is the superior product for outdoor use.

Made in Australia

We are Australian Made and Owned certified, so you can be sure you are buying a premium product designed and built for our harsh conditions. The craftsmanship of our sewing and manufacturing team is second to none.

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