Don’t be fooled into thinking you must buy a camera worth thousands of dollars to take good photos. Yes, that will help a lot, but correctly applying these tips below in your photos is primarily what separates the men from the boys. As we know, most modern smartphones are more than capable to get you started.

What to look for

The most overlooked thing to spot in taking photos is not having a flat horizon in the background. The easiest way to check for this is to spot something in the background that you know is supposed to be vertical or horizontally positioned and tilt your camera accordingly. See our examples here:

Caption: Unaligned

Caption: Properly aligned

Next, when centering your car in the frame, make sure the gaps between each edge of the frame and your subject are roughly the same. Please, make sure none of the car is cut off in the frame or close on one side.

Caption: Notice how the framing is off centre?

Caption: Much better!

Third tip; know your medium. Most of us just want to update our Instagram and iPhone wallpaper screens. So for these things, make sure you are getting good portrait images. It does not come across well having horizontal images on an Instagram profile feed.

Finally, make your rig look big with low angle shots. This will add size to your tyres and width to the body’s shoulders.

Practical Tips

Having many different shot types when taking photos is always the safest thing to do when you are a beginner in photographing your car. Full car shots, detail shots, front and rear shots, side on shots are just a few examples for you to follow.

Setting up your car to be in the right spot is key, and often another overlooked element. The most common approach is to set your car up diagonally along the width of the frame, and turn your tyres so the rims are exposed to the direction you are taking the shot. See the example below:

A lesser tip, however, is still helpful. Follow social media accounts that produce high quality car photography and tutorial YouTube channels. Note what they do well and seek ways to exploit unique ways to apply their knowledge.

A few accounts to check could be:

Send Us Your Photos!

Don’t have a CleverShade awning? No worries. If you want our social media marketer to take a look at the photos, be sure to message us via our @clevershade Instagram account and we will try to look at as many as we can.

If this blog has been helpful to you we would love to see what you have been able to come up with.

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